TDC LiveView Solutions

TDC’s LiveView solutions include Automation; Live Streaming, Signage and Custom Games Engines. We have specialised skills in creating custom games for TV Shows. We create an engine that can be automated or triggered, with triggers for specific actions.

Multi-user and multi-functional, like a computer game, capable of being controlled by different people at different points during recording TV Shows. In short, our clients can now deliver anything; from spinning chairs to quiz shows.

Our LiveView Signage systems work across any number of displays  with capability to update the information display on the displays in real time.  The LiveView signage system is ideal for events or activities across cities where crowd management is a priority.


  • TDC Melbourne LiveView Studio

    Purpose-built studio in Melbourne.

  • TDC Sydney LiveView Studios

    Purpose-built studios in Sydney.

  • Live Streaming

  • TDC LiveView Gaming

    Create dedicated user interfaces and integration.

  • TDC LiveView Automation

    Show synchronisation and real time monitoring and reporting.

  • TDC LiveView Signage

    Help manage traffic and pedestrian flow at any event.

  • Widget Designer PRO

    An advanced control surface creation framework.

  • Medialon Manager

    Automate, control and synchronise your show.