Large scale building video projection, architectural projection, 3D projection, 360 degree and large scale projection blends are all delivered by TDC’s award winning team. We carry a substantial stock of projectors. All of our projectors have complete lens ranges to allow maximum flexibility in projector placement.

  • Barco UDX-4K32 Laser Projector

    Excels in brightness, colour accuracy and stability.

  • Barco HDQ-2K40

    Ensures razor-sharp, ultra-bright images.

  • Barco HDF-W26

    Displays superior images even with lots of ambient light.

  • Barco FLM-R22+

    Extremely bright and very compact.

  • Barco FLM R20+

    Exceptional brightness and near silent operation.

  • Barco FLM-HD20

    An ultra-bright, durable projector.

  • Barco HDX Flex W14-20

    The ability to adapt to any size show.

  • Barco RLM-W12

    Generates crisp images with deep colour saturation.

  • Barco RLM-W8

    A versatile choice.

  • Barco DML-1200

    Bright, moving light source & high quality video projector.

  • DL.2 Digital Projector/Light

    A projector, camera & integrated digital media server.

  • Projector Lenses

    The biggest range of lenses in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Soft Screens

  • Projector Accessories

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