Media Servers & Playback

TDC has a large range of the latest in media servers and technology. All elements of our data mixing systems are engineered to ensure signal integrity is maintained from the source all the way through to the display device.

  • disguise gx 2c

    Features the most powerful workstation GPU available.

  • disguise gx 1

    Unrivalled combination of power, size and affordability.

  • disguise gx 2

    Developed to support real-time, generative content.

  • disguise 4x4pro

    Offers outstanding performance features.

  • disguise designer

    Software to visualise, design & sequence projects.

  • disguise VFC Cards

    Allows you to change the video output signal on your server.

  • disguise OmniCal

    A camera-based projector calibration system.

  • Notch

    Create interactive & video content in real-time.

  • Dataton WATCHOUT

    A multi-display production and presentation system.

  • Christie Pandoras Box

    High-performance link between projection and digital image.

  • Catalyst

    Offers an incredible range of image processing tools.

  • ProVideoPlayer 2 (PVP2)

    The standard for multi-screen media servers.

  • Millumin 2

    Complete solution to create audiovisual shows.

  • Mitti

    The easy-to-use yet powerful video cue software for Mac OS.

  • QLab

    Sound, video & lighting control for Mac OS.