LED Technology

TDC has developed a world of experience in supplying LED screens of all shapes and sizes to broadcast, concerts, motor shows, exhibitions and sporting events. TDC has a full inventory of LED, including indoor, outdoor and creative applications in both high and low resolution offerings.


    Delivers striking colour depth & ultimate clarity of image.

  • ROE Carbon 3

    Ultra light weight carbon fibre high resolution LED.

  • ROE Black Onyx 3mm

    Market leading, high resolution, indoor LED.

  • Unilumen i3

    High definition colour reproduction & high constrast ratios.

  • Unilumin i6

    High resolution seamless, ultra black display.

  • Unilumin i6MkII

    A seamless image with clever design & low power consumption.

  • ROE MC7

    High brightness, high contrast for both indoor & outdoor.

  • Uniview F8 Floor LED

    Strong frame & hard wearing surface, ideal for stage use.

  • Vuepix FL10

    The perfect solution for constructing creative LED systems.

  • Barco Cobra C11

    Superior colour reproduction in an ultra-thin enclosure.

  • ROE MC12

    High brightness with excellent colour uniformity.

  • Vuepix C12

    Brilliant visual performance for both indoor & outdoor use.

  • Vuepix C14

    Designed with easy assembly and servicing features in mind.

  • Vuepix P18

    High resolution, transparent, large-scale video screen.

  • Barco Stealth 25

    Innovative, transparent, large-scale video screen solution.

  • LED Processing

    Powerful, industry-leading products.