Pre Visualisation, Motion-Tracking & xR Solutions

Extended reality (xR) is the latest addition to our list of capabilities at our studios in Sydney and Melbourne.   TDC has worked with motion tracking using Blacktrax with many successful projects under our belt. Pre Visualisation is a key component in understanding your project works before you get to your venue. TDC has adept at delivering Extended reality (xR) projects at our studios in Sydney and Melbourne.  We can deliver a xR projects using the very latest state of the art technology.

  • BlackTrax

    Using real-time tracking to create live experiences.

  • OptiTrack RF Cameras

    Motion capture cameras with excellent precision.

  • RFID Chips

    Coin sized ID tags for real-time tracking.

  • wysiwyg

    Maximise your creativity; use wysiwyg to pre-cue your show.

  • TDC Pre-Viz Studio

    Your design ideas to come to life.

  • Holographic gostMESH

    An Innovative Solution for Holographic Experiences

  • Notch

    Create interactive & video content in real-time.