d3 Technologies 4 x 4 Pro

Media Servers

The multi award winning d3 Technologies 4 x 4 Pro offers outstanding performance features; allowing the user to design, simulate, sequence and playback easier than ever before.

Based around a real-time 3D stage simulator, this is the single solution needed to design, present, communicate, sequence and playback your show. d3 lets you work with props, venues, LED screens, projection, lighting and moving stage elements while being completely integrated into a single, intuitive software solution that runs on your own laptop or dedicated d3 hardware.

d3 allows the user to project content onto the most complex 3D projection objects using d3’s Projector Simulation toolkit including QuickCal.

Map video clips, animate still images, apply generative effects and compose them on top of each other, in perfect sync to the beat or frame by frame. Use the industry’s most advanced content mapping features to easily map content onto multiple LED, projection and DMX-based screens of any shape and form, static or moving.

TDC has recently added a number of 4x4Pro d3 Servers to its inventory.

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