Barco DML-1200 Projector

The DML-1200 is the first moving digital luminaire which can truly be used as both a super bright, moving light source and a high quality video projector.

With its brightness, unlimited image selection and the ability to seamlessly switch between video projection and light mode, cue by cue, the DML-1200 provides you with pure creativity at their fingertips, delivering a truly unique show for every event, client and purpose. 

In video mode, the DML-1200 features a fully sealed DLP engine which delivers full color DLP quality video with SXGA+ (1400 x 1050 pixel) resolution, with a light output of 10,000 center lumens.

  • All the benefits of a conventional moving light

  • DLP video projection capabilities

  • Exceptional brightness in both video and light modes

  • Digital image content – optional built in media player

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